For Vendors

Hitachi Capital America Technology Finance’s unique model enables VARs to ship product and provide services to their customers with the full financial support of their vendors and distributors. Hitachi guarantees payment to its vendors within terms, offering a more efficient A/R process and reduced credit risk.

Both the VAR and vendor benefit because Hitachi makes the payments for new projects, enabling future sales growth. The result is frequently an increase in sales referrals and better pricing because the vendor has confidence in their strong, well-capitalized partners.

Hitachi works with VARs:

  • $50 million or more in revenue
  • Selling a wide range of vendor products
  • Unhappy with current bank or financing partner restrictions
  • Seeing borrowing base challenges that disrupt their business
  • Needing better credit terms or a more flexible financing solution
  • Seeking a financial operations and risk management partner
  • Wanting to free-up cash trapped in their working capital cycle

Hitachi Capital America has open credit with more than 500 technology vendors. With our 100% financing, VARs can grow their business without constraints or added capital.

Additionally, as a non-bank specialty finance company, Hitachi Capital America is uniquely positioned to deliver a variety of fast, flexible, and reliable solutions, including:

  • Cloud financing
  • Term financing to VARs
  • Extended term financing of end users
  • Pay-by-use programs
  • Equipment leases
  • Software financing for the technology, energy, and infrastructure industries

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